The Balanced Body Box

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Balance and harmonize mind, body and soul with the sweet aroma of luxury in the Gold Sohl 3-in-1 Balanced Body Box. Each box is curated with three items to nurture the mind + body connection and promote serenity, body positivity, and mindfulness. 

The BB  box features:

  • (One) 7.4 oz lux scented Travel Candle 
  • (One) 2 oz. 5-in-1 Gold Sohl Scented Body Oil blend 
  • (One) 4 oz. unscented 100% Pure Malian, West African shea butter 

All scents are Unisex. & Ideal for use after the shower or bath while saying affirmations and visualizing success and wellbeing. 

Choose your desired fragrance: 

  • THE ATTRACTION BOX- Attraction Oil "Amber & Oud", Shea Butter & The Body Candle "Tobacco & Sandalwood"


  • THE GROUNDING BOX- Grounding Oil "Rosewood & Vanilla", Shea Butter & The Mind Candle "Black Cedarwood & Juniper"


  • THE UPLIFTING BOX-Uplifting Oil "Lemongrass & Musk", Shea Butter & The Soul Candle "Redwood, Cedarwood, Geranium & Grapefruit"